I need your help!

This column needs your help, your freedom and Liberty is at stake. It is getting tougher and tougher getting this column printed, it is getting almost impossible to get the word of liberty out to you and the world. It is not some foreign terrorist organization that is threatening this column getting printed and it’s not the possibility of losing paying sponsors if my words of freedom get shared, sponsors enjoy having their products viewed over and over again, getting exposure is the fundamental reason why they would pay money to advertise, no friends what threatens this column and my ability to keep sharing my views on what’s right and what’s not, is the very newspaper you are reading this column in , that’s if it gets published at all.

At a risk of sounding like I’m generalizing, mainstream media has become our roadblock. This paper and others that you might be reading this column is trying to muzzle our voice they are trying to manipulate me and anyone else fighting for your rights and for your liberty and now it’s time you let your voices be heard.



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The Flag

The Moultrie Flag, also known as the Liberty Flag.

The Fort Moultrie Flag: Southern Liberty During the American Revolution.