About me

First, don’t let the name fool you; I was born in Toronto and raised in Woodbridge. Members of the Fabrizio family have been in Barrie since the 1980s. Myself, I slowly fell in love with the city and its friendly people as a visitor, and when an opportunity for a job as a pastry chef presented itself, instead of commuting I went for it and moved here with my three young children and my wife of 16 years, Teresa, whose name is tattooed on my arm.

Since arriving years ago, I have been active in the community with La Leche League of Barrie, and several times I personally welcomed new immigrants–with some pastry, of course–at Barrie City Hall. In my personal life, my niece has Autism, and my wife and I have both participated in garage sales, bowl-a-thons, and casino nights to help raise money for this worthy cause. I am also on Election Ontario’s Advisory Committee of Political Parties. I started working at bakeries and learning the trade when I was just fourteen. While technically a pastry chef, there isn’t anything I can’t make in the kitchen, and, after working steady ever since, I am this year, for the first time in my political career, taking the summer off completely, from the Italian Bakery on Wellington Street, to concentrate on the campaign, and my children.

This time I am going to run as hard as I can, but I won’t neglect my children along the way. My oldest daughter is working on her singing, my son his guitar playing, and my youngest daughter is taking French this summer, so that will be her third language, in addition to English and Italian. They’re all more talented than me. I am not new to political life. For the last decade, both as a candidate and as part of the executive, I have been involved with the Libertarian Party, and as such, I feel that no one else will fight harder to keep your taxes as low as they can be, and fight for your property rights. For example, I would never vote to ban you from having a chiminea in your own back yard. I enjoy skiing, tobogganing with the kids, hockey and especially baseball, so go Baycats, and Colts. Being a vegetarian, I love growing my own vegetables, what few of them are left after my daughter’s rabbit, Chilli, gets to them first…all twenty pounds of him!