Mainstream Media Versus Liberty
Posted on February 22, 2016    
I need your help, this column needs your help, your freedom and Liberty is at stake. It is getting tougher and tougher getting this column printed, it is getting almost impossible to get the word of liberty out to you and the world. It is not some foreign terrorist organization that is threatening this column getting printed and itís not the possibility of losing paying sponsors if my words of freedom get shared, sponsors enjoy having their products viewed over and over again, getting exposure is the fundamental reason why they would pay money to advertise, no friends what threatens this column and my ability to keep sharing my views on whatís right and whatís not, is the very newspaper you are reading this column in , thatís if it gets published at all.
At a risk of sounding like Iím generalizing, mainstream media has become our roadblock. This paper and others that you might be reading this column is trying to muzzle our voice they are trying to manipulate me and anyone else fighting for your rights and for your liberty and now itís time you let your voices be heard.
It is not accepted by mainstream media if I or yourself believe in God or creation it is not tolerated if I say I believe in the free market it is frowned upon by this and other mainstream publications if I yell out loud the befits of Capitalism and everything good that Capitalism produces.  Our freedoms are quickly dissipating and we need to take a final stand here and now. Why canít we ask questions? Where are our tax dollars going? Who is enjoying our hard earned tax dollars? Why am I responsible to take care of your children?  Why canít we question the science behind global warming or global cooling or whatever they want to call it this week? Are you and I not human? So why are we being treated as if we are criminals if we question our governments or its puppet masters?
The word liberty means to be free, to be free to think for ourselves free to make our own individual choices and free to live life the way we see fit. Liberty to the government and its allies means danger, itís dangerous if we are free thinkers itís dangerous if we ask questions and itís dangerous if we take notice and stand up for our rights. They want us all to be neutral to be lifeless to be exactly how they want us to be, under their control.
Take some time and read some of my older columns you will see that almost everyone I wrote is relevant today and not a week goes by that I donít get an email that reminds me of something I wrote and many times asking how I knew the outcome, this past week two older columns I wrote here at Liberty Rules re surfaced in part because of the conflict in Syria and it was viewed over 2000 times in two days bringing up the importance of having this platform to spread the word of Liberty.
If its artists or welfare recipients or questionable government actions and sometimes just some good old fashion storytelling, you need someone like me to give you something different you need me so I can ask the questions you always thought about was too afraid to ask. I want you to enjoy reading this column and more importantly I need you to show support, visit the website shop the sponsors and send this paper an email or give a phone call and say you want Liberty Rules to be included in your favourite newspaper. Long Live Liberty!
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Untitled and Rejected by the Examiner
Posted on November 19, 2015    

I never fight with anyone; thatís what separates me from the left socialist green communists.

If you donít agree with any of my ideas or beliefs Iím fine with that. I love sharing ideas and listening to ideas, but what distinguishes a capitalist like me from a communist socialist green is that I never want to force my ideas on you.

I would never think Iím so perfect and my ideas are so righteous that the government should use the power of the gun or law to force you to believe me.

I can handle you not agreeing with me, but I dare you to try and confront a left socialist communist green and go against what they are force-feeding you. I dare you!

The LSGC (left socialist green communist) will attack you, will claim that you are a racist or a homophobe or that you are an idiot for believing in God or creation. They will come at you in numbers with loud, angry faces demanding that you give up your right to any self-thought or free speech.

Yes, the LSGC will make you feel bad for having a mortgage and a bank account and a job, at the same time they are talking on their IPhone or checking the time on their IWatch and driving around in their German imported cars.

Yes, the L.S.G.C wants you to feel ashamed for loving your family; heck they want you to be ashamed that you actually have a family and that youíre calling your son, your son and your daughter, your daughter. How dare you.

Itís getting tougher and tougher surviving nowadays, with the cost of living soaring and the cost of trying to keep your family sheltered, clothed and fed that it takes both husband and wife working everyday just to make ends meet.

How does your government respect you, how does your government show appreciation for your hard-earned tax dollars? They give it away to people that donít deserve it or havenít contributed anything to society.

Now the LSGC will say that working for years on creating a music CD is a contribution to the community, and will also claim that giving tax money to these well-deserved artists will be a benefit to society. They will also force you to believe that these music projects bring culture to us, because you know that without these artists taking our money we would be left with no culture. Thatís to say we are culture-less without them.

Many of these so called musical artists that sit around all day working on their music feel that capitalists like myself are the evil demons of the world. Without this devil working all night long, I wouldnít be able to keep seven employees employed. Without this devil keeping these employees employed, there would be no tax collected and with no tax collected the government wouldnít have any money to give away to LSGC wannabe musical artists.

Iím a capitalist and I show my displeasure or happiness with my money.
If I donít like a companyís environmental policy or how they treat their employees, I will not patronize them with my business. If they want my business itís my capitalist money that will get them to change, not some forced government policy.

Capitalism is what keeps this country great and itís capitalism that will move it forward to bring better healthcare, better workersí rights, and itís capitalism that gets companies and people to change.

So if you think your LSGC beliefs will bring you prosperity, just look into the ocean.
I have never seen people escaping capitalism on plastic bottle rafts to head over to a socialist paradise.

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Federal election wrap-up
Posted on November 12, 2015    

I tried so hard to stay away from writing about the federal election, what happened and why it all happened.

Mainly because itís been covered by every news department and every online blogger that I thought it would be just too boring to write about.

First of all I donít know who these consultants are that the Conservatives keep hiring, but can you never hire them ever again. First Tim Hudak and then Stephen Harper; itís so frustrating being on the sideline, watching these disasters just unfold before our very eyes.

I never believed in the power of a consultant, but after this past election Iím convinced you win or lose by them.

The Liberals hired some genius, whoever they are, and they kept Justin Trudeau under wraps for the first few weeks. They didnít allow him to say anything, which was so incredibly smart of them to do.

Just shut up Ė thatís been my motto for years now and finally I see it work on a big level.

The Conservatives set themselves up with terrible commercial after commercial. It confused the average voter; are they supporting Justin Trudeau or putting him down? No one knew.

Who can forget the line ĎBut he has great hair.í

While the Conservatives were killing themselves with ridiculous advertisements, the Liberals hid in the bushes Ė just waiting for the right time to pounce on wounded prey and boy, did they ever pounce on them.

ĎReal change now!í Looking like a GQ model, Justin did a Jose Bautista to the Conservatives and New Democrats, and did the biggest bat flip. Even Bautista would have been impressed. Home run Liberals, game over. What a powerful commercial. Even I got tempted to vote Liberal.

At that moment I remember the Saintís reaction when she said ďWow, he does have nice hair.Ē Iím not sure who the Saint voted for, but the twinkle she got every time Justin Supermodel Trudeau was on TV might have given it away.

I could have saved them; if the Conservatives came to me, I would have thrown all their ads in the garbage. Harperís attacks should not have been focused on a religious piece of clothing that makes him look anti-minority or anti-women.

Who am I kidding; Harper was so disliked that not even my consulting powers could of saved him. The anti-Harper vote was coming in strong and loud.

As for my MP, John Brassard, Iím happy he won because I know heís a good man even if he is a Conservative, and I respect him. Of all the political people I know, he is the most honest. I respect him for being such a strong family man, but more selfishly, he responded to one of my very first columns I wrote. I knew back then that he was a real person with real feelings, and I believe the voters in my riding saw the same thing.

Iím not happy that Liberal Colin Wilson isnít going to Ottawa. Itís too bad that they both couldnít have gone to serve the people of Barrie, but I can think of another way that we can get his services. Wilson can run to replace Brassard in the Ward 7 byelection. I think his talent would serve us well.

Now back to Trudeau; it is 2015 and shouldnít we all be equal by now? Why should we be judged on race, colour or gender? Shouldnít we pick who has the most talent?

What if there were 20 women who were more talented? Or what if there was five visible minorities who had a better resume?

It is 2015 after all, prime minister, and putting people in categories is so anti-2015.

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Are your children familiar with the Magna Carta?
Posted on November 4, 2015    

This week was very exciting for me, as my friend Nunzio had pointed out to me that the Magna Carta was going to be on display in Toronto for few days. Then it would continue travelling to another city, so if I play my cards right I would actually be able to see with my own eyes the Canadian birth certificate of our democracy.

Eight hundred years, thatís how old this King John document is Ė 800 years of living history and proof that our founding fathers had it right when King John declared that this document would keep those in power in check, and it would remind future leaders that they lead the country by the will and consent of the people.

The Magna Carta for me is a big deal; itís sort of like an insurance policy against bad governments and is something that I always have hope and faith in knowing that we can always rely on this document to keep us on the right path.

Imagine how excited I was to tell my family that we were about to witness Canadian and world history. Imagine how happy I was to see the smiling faces on my children when I tell them the good news that we were going to spend a day together being part of this great moment.

You can also imagine the look on my face when they all stared at me with complete blank looks on their faces and said ďThe what Carta?Ē

Believe me, I try to teach my children as much as I possibly can about history or politics or world issues and if they have no idea what Agenda 21 is or what UN stands for or what pasta carbonara is, I swear I can handle it.

But for them not to know what the Magna Carta is was a little bit of a shock.

The first time I ever heard of the Magna Carta was when I was boxing. My coach would tell me ďFight as if youíre defending the Magna CartaĒ and it would always get me riled up and Iíd fight harder.

We would spend 20 minutes before every training session talking about history, world issues and anything else I would have questions on. My coach knew everything about anything, so I was pretty blessed having a teacher that gave me so much knowledge.

But what happened to todayís kids?

I see whatís happening in our education system and I canít help but get upset. We have always had this mentality of Ďwhat about the children syndromeí, yet we donít really care about our kids.

Why would we think a one-size-fits-all education system would be beneficial to our children? Donít we want our kids to be individuals, donít we want our kids to believe that every single one of them is special? So why do we turn them into walking zombies?

Our kids today spend 10 years in the elementary school system, just to enter high school without the basic skills of reading and writing. The education system here in Ontario has failed our children and itís not our fault; we are too busy commuting to work and trying to keep our heads above water. We donít have the time to stop and look to see whatís going on with our children.

We are all brainwashed by the government, which has convinced us it would take care of our most precious assets Ė our future, our children.

Imagine if I had been teaching your kid baking for the past 10 years; today your kid would be a red seal chef looking at a six-figure salary.

Now look what 10 years of government education gave your kid.

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Government using media to manipulate
Posted on October 28, 2015    

I hate you, I canít remember why I do but I do, I mean I must hate you.

Yes I do hate you; it must be because youíre black or white or Catholic or Jewish or Russian or Muslim. I canít remember why but I do.

Mainstream media and your governments have been working overtime convincing you that we all hate each other and theyíre doing a great job at it.

In case you havenít noticed, I have toned down my anti-government rants in recent months. Iím worried that I might disappear in the middle of the night, but more importantly I donít want to see my column get cancelled.

But today Iím going out on a ledge and take a chance.

Someone has to point it out to you that the government has been manipulating us through the media. The government uses mainstream media to plant stories that they know will turn us into angry mobs.

Look at all the reports today being reported on our news broadcasts; videos of mass refugees, and instead of the media portraying them as victims and people trying to obtain freedom, the media portrays them as invaders and shows them smashing and breaking stuff.

Whatís our reaction? We donít want those people here, oh please save us from this terror.

What about American presidential candidates using mainstream media to get us to hate Mexicans? Yes, all our problems today have to do with immigrant Mexicans and all of a sudden a segment of our population hates Mexicans and sees them as threats.

The governments will never blame themselves and their thirst for war and their thirst for power, spending billions of taxpayer dollars and putting many countries into irreversible debt overload.

Imagine what we could have all done with the money that our governments have spent?

The Americans are a trillion dollars in debt, with that amount growing every day. The Americans have hundreds of army bases located strategically all over the world, costing millions to operate.

And the Canadian government has spent us into oblivion; imagine what we could have achieved with all this wasted money?

The media doesnít know which angle to take anymore, maybe the ISIL threat. Wait, maybe ISIS, maybe al-Qaida. Better yet maybe the Russians. I know we will make Syria the enemy. Oh wait, weíre trying to help them right?

Iím dizzy with whom to hate or be afraid of next, but the media wonít take a break. It will keep hitting us with videos and made-up stories to keep us in line.

The American politicians want you to believe that the biggest threat to our freedom today is the Iranian government; yeah the same Iran that has over 40 American army bases within a stoneís throw. Right, Iran is the threat.

We can never forget the war on Iraq and how it all started, with media and government constantly hitting us with the same pictures over and over again of Saddam Hussein looking so menacing.

Weapons of mass destruction? No, just made-up stories to get us to hate people who have never done anything to us. And donít forget the outcome of the Iraq invasion Ė billions of wasted dollars, thousands of dead Americans, thousands of dead innocent civilians and, of course, the turmoil that has occurred since the freeing of Iraq.

Useless wars and constant military threats have put all of us in danger, not by some foreign terrorist but by our own government.

The American government has just passed legislation making it legal for the government to obtain constant invasion of your privacy; thatís right, you officially have no privacy anymore.

They can watch you 24 hours a day; that way they can protect themselves from you.

Published as my Liberty Rules column in the Barrie Examiner.

Paolo Fabrizio is a freedom and liberty activist.

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Canada is an open border within itself
Posted on October 21, 2015    

The last time I talked to all of you about open borders the reaction wasnít quite what I was hoping for.

I was lambasted by both, people who thought it was a crazy idea and by those who support open borders.

The open borders supporters didnít like some of the words I used in my column by referring to the refugees as illegal aliens, and the readers who thought it was a bad idea accused me of being anti-Canadian Ė with one reader e-mailing me saying that Iím anti-Christian.

At the time I wrote my column my feeling was who cares what religion you believe in or where you were born, as long as you respect common laws like no murdering, no stealing and other sensible laws. You should be able to travel and live freely anywhere you want to be without persecution.

Go where you want, live free, work hard and enjoy the rewards.

I love the idea of living free and my philosophy my whole life has been I donít care what you do with your life, as long as you donít hurt anyone. Go and enjoy yourself and your life.

But something has happened since the last time we all talked about this. World situations like the refugee crisis thatís going on now with hundreds of thousands of people fleeing Syria and Iraq and other war torn countries have changed things.

It seems like the people who were opposed to open borders all of a sudden are pushing governments to help the refugees, with some governments accusing other countries of not doing enough.

Here is where it gets confusing; people who at one time hated the idea are now pushing for lessening border restrictions with citizens of this very country Ė demanding that the government do more to accommodate these refugees at any cost.

Doesnít matter if they have any ID and it doesnít matter if they have money or skill or what health they are in. The voices of the people here are loud; save these people, welcome them and give them whatever they need to settle here and start a new life.

Now, more confusing, is the people I know who supported open borders now donít support it, calling this a government scam and that the government wants to attack Christianity by bringing in thousands of non-Christians.

This is all a government plan to bring us closer to a one-world government by tearing down borders and by turning us all on each other.

This would be a normal day in my life, with me usually being the one warning all of you that the governments of the world all hate you, they are all evil and that itís the governmentsí fault for your misery.

But Iím not the one saying it this time; itís people like you who are feeling this way.

Some of you are blaming our own government for the death of Aylan Kurdi, the little Syrian boy whose body washed up on a Turkish beach.

Many Canadians hearts were broken when they saw a very cute and well-dressed Aylanís body lying down on the beach lifeless.

Every life is precious and with all that we have there is no reason why this should ever happen again.

I always believe in the goodness of people and that we can live together, no matter what religion or colour or race or language. I know we can live peacefully.

I know this because we all have been living it for so many years here at home. Canada is an open border within itself. We have so many cultures living here already.

Look and learn world. We already live with no borders.

Published as my Liberty Rules column in the Barrie Examiner.

Paolo Fabrizio is a freedom and liberty activist.

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Many of us seem to be working for others
Posted on June 17, 2015    

I want to start off with congratulations to all you working people who wake up every day, take care your families and yourselves.

Thank you for putting 100% into your work every day. Itís vital that you keep working because so many other people depend on you so keep up the hard work.

We also need to ask you to donate to local charities and volunteer in the community. We all need to try and do more; that way others who have difficulty contributing to society donít have to worry and can keep living the lifestyle they are currently enjoying.

You all know who Iím talking about, that certain friend of yours who refuses to find a job because work is pain, so who would enjoy pain?

We all know that person, or family, who has made a profession out of taking from others so they donít have to experience pain.

Many of us are so preoccupied with work that we never actually wonder how effective are these social programs? When I say social programs, Iím talking about welfare recipients.

This past week we hit a milestone; itís tax freedom day.

In theory, all the blood, sweat and tears that you had to endure at your jobs have been all for the government.

Imagine, since January to now, all your pay was for the government. So if you use math, and for my green friends, use science, it equals about 40% of your pay, maybe a bit more, depending on how much you made.

So where did your money go did you say, taxes? Yes, thatís true it went to taxes. But what did your government do with your money?

Local government would have used it for our local roads, water treatment, social programs and other priorities. These are all tax spending dollars that I can see in action.

So when I see great roads and clean water and safe streets, I can say Ďwell, at least my money is doing some good.í

But when I see things like the Sunshine List and see many of the people who are taking our money, I have to wonder who is watching our money, who is making sure it is going to worthy places and worthy causes?

The sad answer is that no one is watching out for us; itís as if Genghis Khan himself is ruling over our land and itís pillaging time for those in power.

You have so many examples of government workers taking advantage of us. Look at the Senators. They used us as their personal bank, just taking what they want without any remorse.

In fact, they want us to feel sorry for them. Poor Senators, how can we expect them to fly and eat what the airlines are serving?

We canít trust anyone with our money anymore. Sunshine lists havenít worked and you can forget about asking to see the welfare list.

Imagine how many years some have been on the list.

We just spent over $20 million investigating the Senate. When is it time for us to investigate the client list as well?

Keep working my friends, so many people depend on you.

Published as my Liberty Rules column in the Barrie Examiner.

Paolo Fabrizio is a freedom and liberty activist.

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What about personal responsibility?
Posted on June 3, 2015    

What happened to all of us? Are we so lost so confused, so demented and delusional that we all have lost the concept of personal responsibility?

Why do you need to be told that sucking on a cancer stick is bad for you?

There is no way that any of us still think that there are no health dangers that come with smoking. Impossible. Even a hard-core libertarian like my self knows that smoking is bad for your health.

If you decide that you want to slowly kill yourself, then by all means kill yourself, but do so knowing the risks. And when you do get sick and believe me you will, donít come crying to the government pretending that you had no idea that you would end up on a hospital bed grasping for air.

Be responsible for your own actions and understand that everything we do has ramifications somewhere down the line.

I donít care if you smoke as long as it doesnít affect me, and I donít care if you drink so much booze that your liver is swimming in vodka. I really donít care. Go ahead enjoy yourself, but be prepared for reaction to your action; save money for your health-care bill, start canvassing for a liver donor, do whatever you have to do to be responsible for your own life choices.

This week the courts in Quebec came out in favour of a class-action lawsuit against the big tobacco companies, claiming that people named in the lawsuit had not enough information about the risks of smoking, and that the tobacco companies didnít do enough to list the health hazards that come with a two-pack-a-day habit.

Iím very lost; do we live in some different universe where itís a secret about smoking? Geez letís see. What will happen if you put a chemical-filled cylinder wrapped in tobacco, then light it on fire and inhale its content in the form of smoke into our lungs, duh?

You get sick and die, thatís what happens. We have all known this for a long time but wait, it gets better.

The government runs the health-care system that is supposed to take care of us, but also allows tobacco to be sold legally that ends up getting us sick. Then we end up in the health-care system, where big pharmacy companies make billions treating our fellow Canadian citizens. Duh again.

Iím lost here. So is the government more responsible for getting all these poor, confused smokers sick? If the government allows something to be sold legally, doesnít that mean that the product is safe for consumption?

I donít get it. Would the government allow me to use meat that has been contaminated by mad-cow disease in our lasagna, and then sell it to you?

The answer is no, it would arrest me and all of you would be outraged and want to see me hang in the gallows. So why are the tobacco companies getting sued and not the government?

Tobacco is legal, by law, and is taxed by the government. Is it because the government makes so much money selling you cigarettes and then makes more money treating you when you are sick?

All I know is something doesnít sound right. Should fast-food companies get sued because some of us have heart attacks, or get other kinds of illness because of obesity?

Or what about the ski resorts. Should they get sued every time a skier breaks a bone?

Well, why not? Itís not our fault weíre fat and itís not our fault we got sick, itís someone elseís fault Ė not ours.

Published as my Liberty Rules column in the Barrie Examiner.

Paolo Fabrizio is a freedom and liberty activist.

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Ontario needs a PM
Posted on May 27, 2015    

When I was a little younger, I used to dream up crazy ideas on how I thought the world around me should be.

One of those dreams or ambitions I had was to one day be prime minister of Ontario. So as a speech topic in grade school I decided to talk about how wonderful my reign of power in the free country of Ontario would be.

Most of my teachers reacted very strangely, listening and looking at me as if I just fell off some alien spaceship.

Excuse me Mr. Fabrizio, you do realize Ontario is a province?

Yeah, I knew that and in my head I made a snooty comment Ďthanks brainiací, but I kept going, trying to explain to my superiors that there was no good reason why my Ontario should include any other province or territory.

In my speech I explained that Ontarians have more in common with Americans located just hours to the south of us by car than we do with people in British Columbia Ė which would take you two weeks of steady driving to visit.

I had visited Buffalo and upper state New York more times than I had ever been in any other province, and I really had no idea who lived out east. I will never visit the western part of North America; we Ontarians have nothing in common with the rest of Canada.

So I kept going pleading my case for a separated Ontario. My main complaint was the three or four-tier government system that we are forced, and I repeat forced, to accept.

We had no choice in the matter; government decided it would be able to control us more by expanding its power and its reach. I had a hard time understanding in Grade 8 why we needed so many levels of anything.

If you came by the bakery to buy a loaf of bread, you would only have to deal with one person who would take your money and in return hand you the loaf of bread. So why have multiple sets of cashiers? You wouldnít pay one cashier, then pay a second, then pay a third to get your groceries. You wouldnít want to go through three sets of people to enter Canadaís Wonderland.

My speech didnít even make it out of my classroom level. The teacher picked some kid who wrote about the 1972 Summit Series, proving once again hockey always wins in this country.

This week really brought me back to my idea of an independent Ontario: teacher strikes, hydro scams, senate scam, sunshine lists, gas plant scandal, MaRS building scam, ORNGE, half-built buildings in downtown Barrie. And the list goes on and on and on.

Your governments keep proving they donít care about any of you, and your governments keep proving they are completely useless.

So once again we come back to my dream of me being prime minister of Ontario, and as your PM I would get rid of the senate. I would get rid of all government departments.

I would introduce a flat tax, cut the number of MPPs to 10, allow municipalities to operate without my interference and reduce my governmentís role to just border protection and operation of the courts.

Thatís it; no involvement in hydro, education, healthcare, booze, drugs, cigarettes, television, and I would get rid of flag waving. No flag unless itís the Ontario flag.

Keep religion out of the state sounds good to me and I would also add sexual preference. The state wouldnít care, and shouldnít care, what your sexual preference.

In fact, I would do so little that you wouldnít even notice me.

Published as my Liberty Rules column in the Barrie Examiner.

Paolo Fabrizio is a freedom and liberty activist.

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ĎOrange Crushí is fine with me
Posted on May 20, 2015    

Some of the most-asked questions I get are why donít I ever say anything negative about the New Democratic Party and why donít I mention the Libertarian Party of Canada anymore?

The main reason why I never talk bad about the NDP is because the party never gives me a reason to; they are what they are and they never lie about what they would do or how they would govern. I can respect a party which comes out and is honest about what their politics are all about.

Do I agree with all their policies? No I donít, but most of them have some good value and if you think about it the NDP and a true libertarian share some of the same values. Also I have known some really good people who are members of the NDP, people like Marco Colletta and Paul Donofrio, both good men.

When they talk every word they say is said with honesty and I respect them. Both the NDP and a Libertarians want to do whatís best for everyone. We just disagree on how to achieve our goals.

Libertarians feel that using government to solve our issues only compounds the problem and makes it worse; using charity and community are two examples, and believing that we are still good people and that we can help each other out in our own times of needs.

Governments are rarely the solution and often cause more hardships.

NDPers are big union supporters and unions support capitalism by trying to achieve as much money as possible for their members. A libertarian also believes in capitalism. Itís one of the reasons why Iím a libertarian. Iím a capitalist and I love making money.

I also love giving money away in support of many different charities, and I love to help as many groups as possible. If government was involved less in my life, the theory is that I would have more of my money to give away and Canadians love to help.

So Iím sure that if many of you paid less taxes and had more of your hard-earned money, more people who needed help would get it from private charities. You would all have more money in your pockets and most of us would donate to charities like the Salvation Army and other private charities.

An elected officialís job should be to spearhead the initiative in donating more to those less fortunate and give less to governmentsí endless need to spend more and more of taxpayer money. Less government means more help for those who need it.

I have many friends who will be running as NDPers in elections and I wish them all good luck. So far as saying anything negative about them, Iím sorry. I donít have anything yet.

Maybe their colours; every time I see their sign I think of Orange Crush, which is my favourite soda. But then again that wouldnít be anything negative. Oh well, maybe I will come up with something.

As for the Libertarian Party of Canada, I have no idea who they are anymore and many of the party members have little to no respect about party history.

Maybe if they took time to study where their roots came from and what the members had to do in the past to keep the party alive maybe, just maybe, they would get a little further in the political scene.

Until then I will not support them and I fully anticipate the same results as always.

Many of us spent a lifetime to build what is taking no time to dismantle.

Good luck to all.

Published as my Liberty Rules column in the Barrie Examiner.

Paolo Fabrizio is a freedom and liberty activist.

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